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So Day 1 of Camp NaNoWriMo went amazingly well. I got to my  Daily Word Count Goal of 1,667 words and even though it was a little touch and go there for a bit, once I got into the swing of it, it went well. I'm doing better then I did last November at NaNoWriMo, which is just awesome and now that I'm passed the bump that is the Blank Page Of Death, tomorrow (today really) should be a bit easier to get through.

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So the attempt to write a chapter of Hybrid Theory a day fell through. I didn't even get to finish the chapter I was already working on, though not for lack of trying. As it turned out, between people staying with me and a bad case of insomnia, May was a busy month for me, so I didn't get much chance to write at all.

In other news, Camp NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow!! :D I'm excited, and even though I wasn't able to do much in the way of planning  like I normally do in the week leading up to NaNo (I like to at least know my main characters names) I've got a really good feeling about it this time.

...I'm probably going to overdose on Dr Pepper, Noz and Starbucks Doubleshots at some point during this thing...

Oh well.